We all have financial targets and goals as individuals, so having sufficient information to choose the right investment is crucial. It is essential for us to comprehend these investments because they assist us in realizing our goals related to our education, careers, capital projects, family needs, and so on.

After more than two years of economic impasse, we are currently dealing with the economy’s recovery from the global economic meltdown. The majority of African nations, particularly Nigeria, do not appear to be off to a good start because, in contrast to other developed nations, the government has limited funds to inject into the economy (Capital market). As a result, we must make the right choice during this trying time. We are able to choose from a variety of investments; Savings, insurance, bonds, stocks, equities, FOREX, real estate, imports and exports, and other similar investments These might sound interesting, but we need to look at them before choosing our investments.

The majority of people may have difficulty making the right investment decision. They think you need a lot of money to start a profitable business. Before you can decide what to invest in, it is always a good idea to conduct some research. Because you want to make investments that work best for you, gathering information about your type of investment is the best way to accomplish this. Knowing the fundamentals of investing will put you in a position to choose from a wide range of options, which is smart financial planning. Is this where spending money comes into play? If you intend to invest over the long term, it is best to use your savings. Furthermore, investing does not require a lot of money; You can consistently make use of your monthly savings and investments. One of the most popular and profitable businesses is stocks and shares.

Another surefire way to invest without worrying about a drop in market value is to buy insurance. Insurance, in contrast to the stock market, guarantees a return on your investment with a predetermined amount of accumulated interest over a predetermined time frame, provided that no events have occurred prior to the maturity date. However, I would only talk about this in my subsequent articles. Another way to invest is through the mutual fund option, in which a company takes money from a variety of people and invests it in the right quoted company stock at the right time. Since you are not directly investing in the stock market, this lowers the possibility that you will lose money. You should look for any and all loopholes and hire a financial advisor to help you choose the right investments.

Before we get into the specifics of the various investments listed above, it is necessary to emphasize the fundamental Investment Principles, which will serve as our roadmap to a profitable venture. Five of these tried-and-true guiding principles will be discussed:

The first investment principle we must understand is to ensure that any investment plan’s foundation is sound and that any potential problems are addressed. The majority of people have the problem of trying to solve their problems on the surface. Without knowing the root cause, it is simple to quickly take painkillers to alleviate toothaches. Okay, let’s take a look at our business dealings as an example. To build his business, a growing businessman borrows money from other businessmen. He got into a lot of debt over time by continuing to do this. But in order to get out of debt, he quickly pays off his debts without ever thinking about the possibility that his biggest weakness is bad money management. Today, an average of 60% of Nigerians are involved in some form of entrepreneurship, but the majority of them have little idea what they’re doing, which results in quarterly low profits. Their lack of familiarity with the aforementioned industry is the only explanation for their dismal performance; consequently, there is no business foundation. The second principle simply instructs us to set values in our investments’ plan and life goals generally as a yardstick to take us to our desired expectations. Understanding the roots of these investments would place us in the driver’s seat to know where and how to make great returns on our investments. Values are internal anchors that we establish in advance to help us make decisions. It’s also important to remember that the future and success of our careers and businesses will be determined by the values we set for ourselves in our individual workplaces. In “Rethinking the basis for Competition,” edited by Gibson, R. and published in Nicholas Brealey Publishing, London, pp. “The big challenge in creating the future is not predicting the future,” he states on pages 76-92. Instead, the objective is to try to envision a plausible future that you create based on your values.” In point of fact, for it to grow beyond our wildest expectations, we need to place a high value on both our businesses and investments.

We must develop our investment plans and strategies in accordance with the third investment principle. If you don’t do well with your investments in a quoted company, you shouldn’t expect a high dividend as a return on your money. We must be aware of the best way to maximize returns on any investment we make. Let’s take a look at the stock market as an example. Investing in First Bank PLC on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, which has reached a bullish state, would be foolish given that the majority of investors are bailing out after a period of planting and thanking the banks for a good investment. First and foremost, you must comprehend the investment’s foundation before adopting a plan or strategy that is appropriate for its duration. Because of this, “The General who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought, while the General who loses make but few calculations before the battle is fought,” is a quote from the great philosopher Sun Tzu. You ought to be aware that any plans or strategies you devise do not actually guarantee success because they may not be appropriate for the investments you make, but you should gather the necessary information to help you through. As a result, you should invest in financial books, business advice, or any investment tool to get ahead of your peers. You must have developed an investment philosophy that incorporates your; goal, time frame, investment returns, and interest rates.

Our spiritual power in business would be the focus of the fourth Principle. Knowing that we may lack the physical strength to overcome a variety of obstacles that arise in our investments or business endeavors. Regardless of our religion or faith, we need to trust God with our businesses if we want to be real. Proverbs, as written, states: We can also see in our hearts if God can see everything in the world of the dead.” God will direct our paths if we submit our ways to Him. When we run into difficulties, we should always turn to Him. Additionally, I recommend that you refresh your mind with excellent spiritual and motivational literature. Great writers include; Wonderful works by T.D. Jakes, John Mason, Joyce Meryce, Mathew Ashimolowo, Dale Carnegie, and others can refuel our souls and inspire us to succeed despite challenges. You would discover that what you think are issues are actually obstacles on your way to success rather than actual issues.

The fifth and final principle of investments concerns you as an individual. We all wanted to be great professionals in our chosen fields as children and as adults. Because of this, education may be considered the highest form of investment. I have to say that most professionals and CEOs today don’t use 5% of their brains. Since we have access to cutting-edge technology at our fingertips, we rarely use our brains for anything beyond basic calculations. They say that knowledge is power. The more we learn, the more creative we become at making positive changes to our lives. Since change is inevitable, we must invest in ourselves to enhance our business concepts and abilities. Let’s examine Romans 12:2 to support this assertion: and do not conform to this world; rather, be transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you can demonstrate God’s perfect, good, and acceptable will.” Please make it a habit to spend a significant portion of your income on your mind and brain, as this is an investment that will yield 100 percent returns.

Keep in mind that a key to all successful businesses is knowledge. If you adhere to these fundamental investment principles, you will be amazed at how your business will grow and make more money.

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