The Top 5 Key Benefits of Purchasing and Owning Investment Real Estate (1)

Therefore, you might wonder, “Why should you buy or invest in real estate?” because it’s the best way to invest! Let’s talk about the reasons why investment real estate is a good investment in the first place. A well-known acronym that addresses the primary advantages of all investment real estate is the simplest response. Simply put, investment real estate is the best kind of investment. The IDEAL denotes:

• I – Income • D – Depreciation • E – Expenses • A – Appreciation • L – Leverage Real estate is the best investment out of all of the alternatives. I’ll go into detail about each benefit.

The word “ideal” refers to income. a.k.a. positive cash flow) Does it actually bring in any money? Monthly rents should be bringing in money for your investment property. Obviously, there will be times when there is a vacancy, but in most cases, your investment will be earning money. Be cautious because novice investors frequently exaggerate their assumptions and fail to account for all possible costs. Before making a purchase, the investor ought to be aware that the property will COST money each month—also known as negative cash flow.

Although not ideal, this scenario may be acceptable in limited circumstances, which we will discuss later. It all comes down to the owner’s risk-aversion and capacity to finance and pay for a negative-producing asset. Many residential real estate investment properties experienced skyrocketing rents and exorbitant prices during the real estate boom.

Numerous naive investors purchased properties under the presumption that the price appreciation would more than make up for the high mortgage balance’s monthly negative impact on funds. To actually achieve the INCOME portion of the IDEAL equation, be aware of this and try to forecast a positive cash flow scenario.

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