The Broken Dreams

Fri, 12/20/19 – 11:04 PM
~ by Debi Lyn

I am invisible. No, I am nonexistent.
Of my own imagination, I am but a figment.

I can barely breathe, but I use up air.
I take up space though I don’t fit in anywhere.

I thought I knew my life’s purpose,
but at this very moment, I just feel so worthless.

I feel so empty, so used up, and broken.
My being, at all, seems only a token.

A token of what, you ask. I wish I knew.
Most likely of something I’ve failed to do.

I’d hoped to sing, and write, and speak;
instead, I am left here – alone and weak –

with nothing to give….. and no one to give TO.
So I lie here – empty, lonely, and blue.