Sports Affiliate Partner Program (1)

The Thapos member accomplice program is a thrilling an open door for you to begin bringing in mountains of cash on the web. By joining our program, you can acquire great commission each time you carry or allude new clients to Thapos.

What is Thapos?

Thapos is a simple to-utilize online games the executives stage intended to make the games life fun and simple. It helps the-

Sports Clubs/Associations to proficiently run the program enrollments, process installments, plan matches, practice and occasions, oversee associations, arrange and plan your own group, oversee group list, oversee competitors and set up and speak with all individuals from your association.

Groups to impart really, oversee player accessibility, coordinate group information, deal with numerous group assets, and safeguard group securities as pictures and recordings.

Competitors to deal with their athletic presentation, profile, timetable, groups, and competitor organization.

Mentors and Guardians to screen the competitor’s presentation and draw in meetups and conversations to persuade the competitors.

Program that value your time and endeavors:

Easy to begin, our member accomplice program is strongly recommendable for the games business insiders like leaders who are related with the different games administering bodies. By joining our accomplice program, you can utilize the abilities to advance our item among your organization, which assists you with extending the capacity to procure more and accomplish your drawn out monetary objectives quicker than expected.

Advantages of Thapos member accomplice program

Acquire cutthroat commission rate: For each deal, you’ll be paid great level of the deal sum.

No Restriction to acquire: The more deals you create, the higher commission you’ll procure.
Dependable installments: You’ll be paid on the 30th of each and every month, through your PayPal account.

No joining charge required: Our accomplice program is totally allowed to join and simple to enlist with practically no documentation.

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