Social Investing: What Is It? (1)

In recent years, particularly in light of the financial crisis, there has been a lot of interest in social investing. However, the majority of people are left wondering: How does social investing work? Let’s respond to this inquiry.

We must first consider how traditional investors view the world in order to comprehend what social investing is. Risk and financial return are the two main considerations investors use when making investment decisions in traditional investing.

Risk, Return, and Social Impact Each investor has a predetermined level of comfort along the risk-return spectrum, and they invest within that range. If an investment is safer, an investor might be willing to give up some of their return. On the other hand, if an investment yields a higher return, the same investor might be willing to take on a little bit more risk.

Social impact is the third aspect of social investing that is taken into account. The term “social impact” refers to the extent to which the business supported by the investment contributes to society in addition to the profits it generates for investors. On the other hand, a social investor will also take into account the possibility that a business will have a negative impact on society when making investments.

Social investors are willing to make a trade-off between risk, return, and social impact, just as traditional investors are willing to make a trade-off between risk and return. A social investor may be willing to give up some financial return or take on more risk on an investment if the company is doing something to improve the environment, for example. This decision is based on the individual’s level of comfort.

To put it succinctly, when making investment decisions, social investing means taking into account an organization’s social impact. By this standard, social investing encompasses the following investment strategies: responsible investing, double- and triple-bottom line investing, ethical investing, sustainable investing, and green investing are all types of investing.

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