Signs that you don’t Know that you have a Problem with your Kidneys

You’re always tired 

Kidneys filter waste from your blood and pass it out through urine. When your kidneys don’t work properly, toxins can build up. A common sign is fatigue. You may feel exhausted, weak, or have trouble concentrating. The kidneys produce a hormone that tells your body to make red blood cells.If you have less oxygen, your blood won’t be able to deliver enough oxygen to your muscles and brain when they need it. 

Poor sleep 

Studies show a  link between sleep apnea and chronic kidney disease (CKD), which over time damages your organs and can lead to  failure. kidney. Sleep apnea can damage the kidneys in part by preventing the body from getting enough oxygen. Chronic kidney disease can cause sleep apnea by narrowing the throat, toxin buildup, and other causes. 

Itchy skin 

This can happen if your kidneys cannot remove toxins and they build up in your blood.This can cause a rash or itching all over the body. Over time, your kidneys may no longer be able to balance  minerals and nutrients in your body. This can lead to mineral and bone diseases, leaving your skin dry and itchy. 

Swelling of the face and legs 

When your kidneys cannot remove sodium properly, fluid builds up in your body. This can lead to swelling of the hands, feet, ankles, legs or  face.You may notice swelling, especially in your feet and ankles. And protein leaking into the urine can show up as swelling around the eyes. 

Muscle cramps 

Cramps in the legs and elsewhere can be a sign of poor kidney function. Imbalances in  sodium, calcium, potassium, or other electrolytes can disrupt the functioning of your muscles and nerves. 

Shortness of breath 

When you have kidney disease, your organs don’t produce enough of a hormone called erythropoietin.Hormones signal your body to make red blood cells. Without it, you may become anemic and feel short of breath. Another cause is fluid buildup. You may have difficulty breathing. In severe cases, lying down can feel like  drowning.Foggy Head 

When your kidneys don’t filter all the waste from your body,  toxins can affect your brain. Anemia can also  block  the brain’s ability to access essential oxygen. You may feel dizzy and have difficulty concentrating and remembering. You may even become so confused that you have difficulty completing simple tasks. 

Loss of appetite 

Kidney disease can cause nausea or vomiting and stomach upset.This may make you less hungry. This can sometimes  lead to weight loss. 

Bad breath 

When your kidneys can’t filter  waste, it can cause a condition called uremia. This can cause an unpleasant taste in the mouth. Additionally, toxins in the blood can give food a metallic or unpleasant taste.