Franchise Marketing Essentials (1)

One of franchising’s greatest advantages is probably the presence of mandatory centralized marketing programs. When franchisees in a system pool their funds, they have significantly more collective marketing power. Things that no individual franchisee could afford can be accomplished with the help of this fundamental fund. Additionally, the fund can be used to hire professionals to produce advertising materials of significantly higher quality than what a business owner could produce on their own. Before becoming a Franchisee, it is essential for anyone considering a franchise investment to be aware of the Franchisor’s effective marketing strategy. These actions are among the essential characteristics of a successful franchise marketing program.

Knowing that more people will use the Franchise’s goods or services is the first priority of any marketing strategy.
Second, let franchisees share their thoughts. They know what works and what doesn’t in the market they operate in. The franchisor can make the final decision, but franchisees will appreciate that you let them participate. Establish a franchise advisory group made up of all of your franchisees’ representatives. They ought to meet with the marketing department of the franchisor and offer suggestions for upcoming campaigns and projects.

The primary purpose of marketing funds should be to cover the costs of controlling the marketing effort (internal costs, agency fees, etc.). Next, they pay for the cost of making advertising materials like posters, direct mail, radio and television commercials, etc. For the benefit of the contributing franchisees, they also pay for media placement costs for these advertisements. The fact that too much money is spent in one of these areas but not enough in another is frequently criticized by franchisees. Clearly, these requirements must be balanced in practice.

Spend less on brand promotion than you do on customer acquisition. Getting customers is just as important as building the brand. A strong brand can only be as good as the customers it attracts. Documentation of the marketing system should be done with care. You can request at least the table of contents of the marketing support manuals that a franchisor provides to franchisees, although it is likely that they will not provide all of their proprietary internal marketing documentation. This will provide you with a good idea of the scope of the training strategies they offer to franchisees for successful marketing. Additionally, it will confirm that they have documented their improved systems in manuals and other support and training tools.

Asking the franchisees who are already in business is the unquestionable method for determining how well the marketing program is working. Because marketing is one of their most important passions, you can expect them to be very receptive to your requests on this matter. Be specific and inquire about how effectively their marketing attracts customers to their business. Also inquire if they believe that their contributions to any required marketing funds consistently provide a good return. You can assume that other franchisees will be dissatisfied as well if you locate a franchise system in which the majority of the existing franchisees are dissatisfied with the administration of their marketing funds. If the majority of franchisees are pleased with how the marketing fund is managed, you will frequently find that franchisees are also pleased with most other aspects of their business.
Ideas for Explosive Growth in Franchise Marketing To grow your franchise, you need to use marketing strategies that help you reach your intended audience. Two areas are involved in franchise marketing. First and foremost are franchisees and customers. Both can benefit from the same marketing strategies and concepts, but their outcomes are vastly different. Sadly, many franchise businesses overlook this trivial fact and prioritize one cause over another in their marketing strategies.

Search engine marketing (also known as PPC and SEO) refers to the practice of increasing your company’s visibility on search engines through paid search billboards or other forms of advertising as well as natural search traffic generated by SEO techniques. It’s important to distinguish between how this helps your franchise grow and how customers will react:

Consumer: Your franchisee’s local page will receive qualified traffic thanks to PPC and SEO strategies. Because your franchisee location or information pages will hopefully be shown to a direct and relevant audience that is most likely to become a long-term client or customer, this eventually helps you generate more leads or sales. Customers are immediately directed to the page that is most important to them as a result of your ads and SEO efforts, which saves them time.

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