Foods to Avoid If You Have Anxiety or Depression

Fruit juice 

Fiber in whole fruits helps you stay full longer and slows down the blood’s absorption of energy. Without this fiber, you’re just drinking nutritious sugar water, which can quickly make you feel elated and  just as quickly make you depressed. This can make you hungry and angry “hungry”. It won’t help anxiety and depression. Eat your whole fruit.When you’re thirsty, drink water. 

Regular soft drink 

There’s no winner for you here: it has all  the blood sugar of fruit juice without any of the nutrients. Sugary drinks like soda are also directly linked to depression. If you crave soft drinks, try  water with a little fruit juice instead. This will help you solve the problem without too much unnecessary stuff.Diet Soda 

No sugar so no problem right? Incorrect. You may not experience an energy crash from eating too much sugar, but diet soda can make you depressed. In fact, it can make you  more depressed than its sugar cousin. Too much  caffeine in many soft drinks can also cause anxiety.Toast 

Wait, toast?! If it’s made from white bread then yes. Highly processed white flour  quickly turns into blood sugar after eating. This can cause energy spikes and crashes, which can cause anxiety and depression.You can make toast and eat it too. Just use whole grain bread. 

“Light” sauces 

You probably know to avoid some sugary, prepackaged salad dressings and dressings, often listed as “high fructose corn syrup.” But what about “light” or “sugar-free” salad dressings? Many people get their sweetness from aspartame, an artificial sweetener that has been linked to anxiety and depression.Check the ingredients or better yet, make your own sauce at home from scratch. 

Tomato sauce 

Is it mostly tomatoes? Yes, yes, and sugar, lots of sugar. Four grams per tablespoon, to be exact. And  “light” products may contain artificial sweeteners that have been linked to anxiety and depression.Try homemade tomato salsa instead. Want a little kick? Add some cayenne pepper. 


If you’re not used to it, the caffeine in it can make you jittery and restless. It can also disrupt your sleep.Doesn’t help anxiety or depression. Caffeine withdrawal can also make you feel worse. If you think this is causing problems for you, gradually eliminate caffeine from your diet. If it works for you  or if you drink decaf, coffee can actually help  you feel less depressed. 

Energy drinks 

They can cause irregular heartbeat, anxiety and difficulty sleeping.That’s because it’s not always easy to know the sky-high levels of caffeine  hidden in ingredients like guarana. These drinks also often contain lots of sugar or artificial sweeteners. Drink water if you are thirsty. Want a dose of sugar? Eat some fruit.