A Time Poem by Alf Hutchison


A time of tribulation great,
Is coming to this world;
A time of war and horror,
To man will be unfurled.

A time given to make peace,
As men, man to man;
A time that mere men forfeited,
Opting war’s expedient plan.

A time draws near in Israel,
Of war with Iran;
A time now heralds Lucifer,
His holy war to fan.

A time we, not too long ago,
Fought wars to end all wars;
A time of final war now looms;
Damnation, sinful cause.

A time, times and half a time,
Daniel saw in a vision,
A Time, three years and a half,
And Jerusalem’s division.

A time is here, with us now
Too late to turn around,
A time that Prophets talked about,
Forsaking hallowed ground.

A time, when fallen men look back
Upon their sinful past;
A time when mankind will recall,
Babylonians…nuclear blast.

-Alf Hutchison-