20 Free Ways to Market Your Business Online (2)

Tips on marketing offline

12. Send an advertisement where your colleagues pay the cost. Get a flyer and call other companies in your city and ask if they want to be on the mailing. You take care of it all and can therefore add your advertisement on the mailing at no cost.

13. Join a business network or go to a breakfast meeting in your place. Breakfast meetings for the town’s business owners are quite common, so check if there are you close by. Business networks can cost money but you can always go there and try to see if there is anything for you. Keep in mind that there is only one new exciting contact for positive things for you and your business.

14. Spread your business cards. Sure, it costs a little to print business cards but it’s usually a good investment. Have the habit of distributing them, because you never know who at a later date needs your skills or want to recommend you to anyone.

15. Contact current customers, request references and mention that they are welcome to recommend your company. Virtually all people are looking forward to this with joy! Or, in any case, have you put a seed that might mean that they may later on your services.

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16. Set up as a speaker at a corporate event or other event where your potential customers are located.

17. Contact a newspaper and have it write about you. Journalists are constantly looking for new things to write about and you can certainly find something that can be exciting for the magazine’s readers. Learn more about how to succeed in PR here.

Here are some bonus tips:

18. Take a high pressure wash and flush the asphalt or a suitable wall so that your company name or website is visible. It’s environmentally friendly, fun and eye-catching guild marketing.

19. Contact flight training and ask if you can hang such a pennant behind the plane. Get things better and more people. Keep in mind not to make the text too small

20. Get a durable, slightly bigger balloon and print your company name on it. Attach it to a rope and pour it into the air to make it look good. This is not free but it’s marketing that people definitely remember.

Now you’ve got some ways you can test. As usual, there are no shortcuts, nor in terms of marketing. Test yourself, measure your results and try new ways.

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